Age Influx: The Three Actions

Regenerate the epidermis through microcirculation

As we age, blood flow decreases. 

As a result, the basal layer of the skin is less supplied with oxygen, energy, vitamins and amino acids, leading to reduced cell regeneration in the epidermis. 

The LIFE INFLOW active ingredient targets thermal receptors, creating a sensation of warmth and vasodilation. The reactivated blood flow helps regenerate the epidermis and densify the dermis, to recreate smoother, younger-looking skin.

Stimulating regeneration through cutaneous innervation

As we age, the various sensory nervous systems in the skin become less active. 

Yet the skin is a living organ whose metabolism also depends on nerve impulses. 

The LIFE INFLUX active ingredient boosts cutaneous innervation and stimulates cell regeneration.

Regenerating cells with 56 cell-active ingredients

As we age, fibroblast activity declines. 

Fibroblasts are specialized cells in the dermis that produce support proteins and recreate skin firmness and elasticity. They are involved in skin metabolism (elastin, collagen, reticulin, etc.). 

FIBERLIFE's active ingredients are based on cell culture media (20 amino acids, 14 vitamins and 22 biological elements).

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